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Our Mat Program
About Our Mats
Campus MatsOur mat program is designed to help your group or organization raise money. You sell our mats, we'll send you a check every month! You can sell any mat in our inventory for any school/team any time you want all year long.

Who can be our reseller?
The simple answer is anyone who wants to earn some money, whether it is for a group fundraiser or just an additional revenue stream you want from your existing web site. We will gladly work with groups or individuals.

How much does it cost me?
There is no cost to be one our resellers.

What do I have to do?
Very little. You will be assigned a reseller ID number and instructions on how to set up a link on your existing web site. You MUST have a web site to work with us as all sales are handled via the internet. Once you are set up and the link is in place, you simply promote your web site and the link to us from your site and we take it from there.

How are the orders processed and delivered?
We handle everything. From your link on your web site, people will come to this web site with your reseller ID automatically included and can shop for any of the thousands of mats we have licenses for. We handle the financial transaction online with our merchant account, we drop ship the order directly to the buyer, so you don't have to do anything, no money, no brochures, no pre-order payments, you just sit back and wait for your check to arrive every month.

What other support can I get from you?
For groups and organizations, we can supply color brochures to help with door-to-door sales drives or public events. If an individual proves themself to be very active for us, we certainly will review additional marketing materials for them as well.

Okay, how much do I get?
Basically, 10% of everything sold will come back to you. Please refer to the chart below to see our commission schedule...

MatCurrent PriceCommission
20" x 30" Mat$24.99$2.49
34" x 44.5" Mat$39.99$3.99
Football Mat$24.99$2.49
Basketball Mat$24.99$2.49
Baeball Mat$24.99$2.49
5' x 6' Mat$124.99$12.49
5' x 8' Mat$149.99$14.99
2 Piece Car Mat$39.99$3.99
Table above shows prices and commissions as of June, 2005. Price and commission payments subject to change.

Shipping and handling charges, where applied, are not included in calculation of the commissions.

How do we get signed up?
For now, send an email message including group name and contact information to and we will set you up ourself. We plan to include a sign-up form at this web site very soon to help facilitate this process.

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